2 New Video Tutorials

Two new free Video Photoshop Tutorials are available from WatchandLearnPhotoshop. The first one explains how you can use Photoshop’s batch processing features, in other words how to create and use actions for batch processing, one of the most time savings features of Photoshop. The tutorial shows an example of how you can apply a watermark on several pictures at once.


Ever wanted to resize a group of images or add a watermark to a group of images, but you just didn’t have the time to do it? Well, with Photoshop’s Batch processing capabilities, you can make changes to multiple images all at once. In this video, you’ll learn how to add a watermark to a collection of images all at once.

And the link to the tutorial

The second tutorial is about clipping masks. It explains how you can add an image inside text with Photoshop using clipping masks.

You’ve all seen postcards or advertisements with a picture of something inside a block of bold text. In this tutorial, you’ll learn just how easy it can be to achieve this effect.

And of course the link to the tutorial, watch it here

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  1. Reg September 11, 2006 at 5:05 pm #

    Clipping layers are very useful to make adjustments to a single objects or areas without have to lock transparency all the time. I use them a lot.