7 Photoshop Video Tips

Our friends over at Watch And Learn Photoshop are releasing a few new products and have also released not one, not two, not three but seven free photoshop video tutorials/tips.

Here they are:

Levels Adjustment

You may already know the basics of the levels adjustment tool, but in this video, Geoff Riggs will show you a neat little trick you may not have known. Using this method you’ll be able to very quickly and effectively adjust the brightness and contrast of your image in a very intuitive manner.

Perspective Cropping

It seems like it would be quite a task to straighten up a picture of an object that was taken at a severe angle. However, Photoshop’s Perspective Cropping feature allows you to do this in one simple step. In this video, you’ll learn how to use this amazing tool in Photoshop.

Steel Text Effect

The great thing about text effects is that they’re usually very easy to reproduce. In this tutorial, trainer Geoff Riggs will show you how to make a steel text effect, and then he’ll show you how to save this effect so that it can easily be applied to other layers in the future.

Colorizing Black and White Photos

Many black and white images can be made much more interesting simply by adding a little color. In today’s tutorial, Geoff Riggs will show you how to paint color onto a black and white photo.

Painted Frames

In today’s video tutorial, Geoff Riggs will show you how to created a quick and easy frame for your photographs simply using the eraser tool.

Non-Destructive Dodging and Burning

The Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop are great tools for lightening and darkening areas of your images. However, these tools are destructive to your original photograph and can only be reversed using your History panel. In this tutorial, Geoff Riggs will show you a more creative and effective way of achieving the same effects without affecting the image layer itself.

Series Preview – Creating a New Document

Today’s tip is an excerpt from the upcoming video series, “Introduction to Photoshop CS 2″ by trainer Geoff Riggs. In this video clip, you’ll learn some of the basic options available to you when creating a new document in Photoshop.

Have fun, and as I always say pay attention to the details and try to understand the meaning of each step. Learning to replicate a process is not useful unless you understand what each step does, why it is important and in what other case it can be used.

In the next couple of days I will also update the page where I keep an archive of all the free photoshop video tutorials from Watch And Learn Photoshop.

About Dimitris

My name is Dimitris and I am from Greece. I created this blog as a learning tool for Photoshop both for other but for me as well. I am definitely no Photoshop Guru or a professional graphic designer, I am just an amateur trying to learn as much as I can about Photoshop.

3 Responses to 7 Photoshop Video Tips

  1. drazin September 20, 2006 at 8:26 am #

    this is great! thanks alot! ive watched them all and really learned stuff. keep this updated please!

  2. khmer_chick2010 October 3, 2006 at 1:56 pm #

    wow thanks for posting this! im a beginner so this is really nice :)


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