Pixel Patterns

This tutorial is going to show you how to create pixel patterns that are very popular design elements for web design and especially for web backgrounds. I will give you five examples that are meant to serve as a guide in order to understand the basics of pixel pattern creation.

Start be creating a new document with a transparent background and Zoom in at 1600%. The size of the document usually needs to be somewhere around 10*10 pixels.
Then select the pencil tool and set the diameter at 1 pixel. Finally draw your pattern and when you are done go to “Edit” -> “Define Pattern”.

Here are a few examples to help you understand the process of drawing a pattern. The format of the examples is Pattern Size – Pattern (zoomed in) – Example on a blue background. You should expirement by yourself and you will be amazed from how many nice different patterns you can create.

  • 10*7 pixels Photoshop pattern 1 Photoshop pattern 1 example
  • 11*6 pixels Photoshop pattern 2 Photoshop pattern 2 example
  • 11*6 pixels Photoshop pattern 3 Photoshop pattern 3 example
  • 9*10 pixels Photoshop pattern 4 Photoshop pattern 4 example
  • 10*10 pixels Photoshop pattern 5 Photoshop pattern 5 example
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