Christmas Holly tutorial

With this tutorial I am going to show you a way to draw a simple Christmas holly like this one using Adobe Photoshop.

Christmass holly photoshop tutorial outcome

1. Start by creating a new document (size doesn’t really matters)

2. Select the Pen tool set your color to green and draw a shape like this one (for this tutorial I had the “Shape Layers” option selected Shape layers option.

leaf shape

3. Select the Ellipse Tool Ellipse tool
You should also select the “Subtract from Shape Area” option subtract from shape area option

4. Draw a circle like on the next screenshot.
subtract ellipse area from leaf

You should get something like this.

ellipse subtract result

5. Repeat step four a few more times on both sides of our original leaf shape until you get something like this.

Christmas hollu leaf

6. Rasterize the leaf shape and apply a gradient overlay style with the settings shown below.

gradient overlay settings

I also drew a black line at the middle of the leaf and here is my final Christmas holly leaf

final christmass holly leaf

7. I duplicated my layer two times and then free tranformed (Edit-> Free transform) the two new layers in order to position them like this.

three christmas holly leafs arranged

8. Then select the Ellipse Tool Ellipse tool again, set the color to red and draw a perfect circle (hold Shift while drawing).

almost done

9. Apply a Gradient Overlay and a Stroke style on the new layer using the settings shown below.
gradient overlay settings
stroke settings

You should get something like this

10. Finally, duplicate this layer a few times and then move the duplicate layers anyway you like to get the result you want. Here is my final result.

final adobe photoshop tutorial result

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