5 Free Amazing Polaroid Photoshop Actions

Creating a Polaroid effect for your images isn’t hard and there are many tutorials that can teach you how to do it. However, Photoshop actions were created to save you time. Below you will find 5 free PS actions that will help you achieve a Polaroid effect with just a couple of clicks.

1. Polaroid Generator V3 by Rawimage

Polaroid Generator V3 preview

This one is a truly amazing action, or to be more precise an amazing action pack. It includes 10 Polaroid actions as well as various post processing actions.

2. Stickers and Tapes

tape and stickers preview

This action pack contains a set (the tape set) that transforms your into a Polaroid and adds sticky tapes to it.

3. Polaroid Generator Action by Jeremy Child (Requires registration)

Polaroid Generator Action preview

Another great action that can create two different styles of Polaroid images, regular and grunge.

4. Lomocam

lomocam action preview

Another action pack that also includes a Polaroid action. The other actions in this pack create lomography effects.

5. Photographers Toolkit 1

Photographers Toolkit 1 preview

Action pack that contains several frame actions including a Polaroid one.

If you are aware of any other Polaroid actions for Photoshop feel free to mention them in the comments.

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