Retro Art tutorial

With this tutorial I am going to show you how to give a retro look to your images.
I am starting with an image bought from Dreamstime for just 1$. The image is copyrighted and that’s why I have watermarked it so noone downloads it from here. Also keep in mind that I am working on the full resolution image which is 6 MP while the images posted here are scaled down.

Copyright � Photographer: Kateryna Govorushchenko Agency: Dreamstime

First of all we are going to desaturate the image. Go to Image-> Adjustments -> Desaturate or hit Shift+Ctrl+U

Then we are going to increase the contrast. I increased contrast by +40 and I got this

Then go to Filter -> Pixelate-> Color Halftone.
I used these settings but you can play around with the settings. Generally larger Max.Radius values give more abstract results.


Then go to Layer-> New adjustment layer -> Gradient Map and try different gradients. In this case I used a gradient from dark orange to light orange.

Finally I went to Filter-> Render -> Lighting Effects and I used these Settings (this filter is applied at the photo layer and not at the gradient map layer)

After merging the two layers (the gradient map and my photo layer) my final result was

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