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2 New Video Tutorials

Two new free Video Photoshop Tutorials are available from WatchandLearnPhotoshop. The first one explains how you can use Photoshop’s batch processing features, in other words how to create and use actions for batch processing, one of the most time savings features of Photoshop. The tutorial shows an example of how you can apply a watermark [...]

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Intersecting Shapes Photoshop Tutorial

Here is another free photoshop video tutorial, this tutorial explains how you can create intersecting shapes in just a few easy steps. Here is the description from WatchandLearnPhotoshop Ever wanted to link two objects together in Photoshop so that they seem to weave in and out of each other, kind of like the Olympic rings? [...]

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Reducing Noise with Photoshop Has a nice article explaining three ways that you can use to reduce the noise from digital images. Anyone that has ever been involved with stock photography knows how hard this is. The main reason is that if you overdo it you introduce artifacts in the image which are even worse than noise imho. [...]

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Turning Pictures into Statues Tutorial

This is one of these photoshop tutorials that although they might not be for everyday use, they can help you understand the use of the various Photoshop tools. Once again it’s a free video tutorial from Watch and Learn Photoshop. Today’s tip is a two-for-one for those of you who want to know how to [...]

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Beautifier, Free Photoshop Plugin

Beautifier is a free Photoshop plugin that was released by Red Paw Media. Red Paw media is the creator of two more free plugins the Hot Pixel and the BleachBypass. What this filter does, is that it creates a High Key effect that you often see used in fashion magazines. The user can play with [...]

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