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Eyedropper Tool - Tip

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

CreativeGuy has posted a really useful tip about how you can use the eyedropper tool more efficiently. It’s something simple but something that a lot of people that are using Photoshop aren’t aware of. Basically he explains how instead of sampling the color of a single pixel (the default setting) you can choose to […]

Adobe Camera Raw update

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Adobe has released an update of their Camera Raw software which has now reached version 3.3. This update adds support for 17 more digital cameras, among those are the Canon EOS 5D, the Canon EOS 1D Mark II N, the Nikon D200 and the Olympus E-500. This latest version, now supports a total of 113 […]

Pop Art Photoshop Tutorial

Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Recently I found one of the best photoshop tutorials I have read for a while. This tutorial is called pop art and it guides through the process of creating some amazing pop art from your photos. You can read the tutorial here

Contrast Mask Photoshop Tutorial

Saturday, January 7th, 2006

Contrast masking is a technique used to correct photos that because of the high dynamic range some of it’s areas appear underexposed while the rest of the image appears overexposed. With this technique we are able to reveal details both from the underexposed areas and the overexposed areas. This technique isn’t something new, traditional photographers […]

Free Photoshop Plugins ( Richard Rosenman)

Monday, December 19th, 2005

Richard Rosenman is offering a variety of nice free plugins at his site. All the plugins were created by him. Some of my favorite Richard Roseman’s Photoshop plugins include.
Halftone Filter
and Superformula
You can see all of his plugins at his site (Note the free ones are at the bottom of the page)

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