Speeding text with flames

With this tutorial I am going to show you a way to create a speeding text effect like this one
Final result

1) Let’s start by creating a new file. Select the “Type Tool”, make sure the color of the text is set to white and type your text.

2) We are now going to duplicate our text leayer. Go to “Layer” -> “Duplicate Layer” (Or hit “Ctrl-J”)

3) You should now have two text layers, select the bottom one and go to “Filter” -> “Stylize” -> “Wind”. A message will come up saying that the layer needs to be rasterized to apply the filter, click ok and continue. Leave the method to “Wind” and the direction from the right.

Wind Filter

4) Repeat the previous step 3-4 times (hit Ctrl-F) until you have something like this

Wind Filter result

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16 Responses to “Speeding text with flames”

  1. Odra Says:

    Nice tutorial, used the basics of it and added some things of my own and came up with this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v196/OdraB/Odraflame.jpg

  2. heather Says:

    thios was really helpful

  3. Dimitris Says:

    Very nice result Odra.

    I am glad you found it helpful heather :)

  4. es- Says:

    Well, this was very basic, and I dont call your results flames but its speedy alright
    Keep up the work

  5. polarf0x Says:

    Very simple tutorial with a good result.. Although I think you could add some more effects to make it look more flame-like

    Besides that, good work =)

  6. Lee Says:

    nice work… nice to know that you guys has this website. i found it very helpful and reliable… keep up your astonishing work guys..

  7. junior( brazil) Says:

    hi i junst wanna say
    that’s a good work
    i liked so much that thing
    peace out

  8. Dimitris Says:

    Thank for the nice comments :)

  9. Curly2092 Says:

    i couldnt get this to work i dont know what im doing wrong… when i aplied the wind effect ot the text it didnt extend it beyond the text… plz help me.

  10. Dimitris Says:

    Hi, make sure that your text is white and it will extend. You can change the text color later by applying a color overlay style. I hope that helps.

  11. Ahmed Says:

    I really loved this tutorial, great job on it :)

  12. Aly Says:

    Great job! I’m new to photoshop (Just got it today) And this tutorial is simple, and has nice results. Thanks for making a great tutorial :)

  13. vadivvelan Says:

    Great job!

  14. I. C. Weiner Says:

    may I ask what font you used? :)

  15. Dimitris Says:

    the font I used is Aardvark Cafe and you can find it here

  16. Dark.D Says:

    Very cool.:D
    It’s a easy tut.

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