Marble texture

With this Photoshop tutorial I am going to show you an easy way to create a marble texture like this one.

Marble texture made with photoshop

1. Create a new document 500*500 pixels

2. Hit “D” to reset the colors.

3. Go to “Filter” -> “Render” -> “Clouds”

4. Go to “Filter” -> “Render” -> “Difference Clouds”. Repeat this step a few times until you get something like this.

Photoshop difference clouds filter result

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6 Responses to “Marble texture”

  1. Krishna Says:

    Nice tutorial, simple liked the results, please try and making a tutorial on 3 shades green marble, search google for green marble and try to make that green marble tutorial.
    thanks for this beautiful tutorial.

  2. +K Says:

    Wow, looks very similar to the tutorial I wrote about a month ago and submitted to G.T. For some reason he claimed it was too similar to others on the net, and rejected it, but here it is, resurrected on your site. Neat trick mate. :)
    Here’s the original tutorial…

  3. Robert Says:

    Very nice and simple tutorial.

  4. random person Says:

    i recognise this tutorial

    still cool though

  5. Dimitris Says:

    Hi, this tutorial uses the same principles as most marble tutorials, however it was not ripped. If you compare it with other marble tutorials you will see that there are distinct differences. For example compared with the tutorial from Kiwireviews:
    1.I don’t invert after Difference clouds.
    2.I use completely different Levels settings.
    3. I duplicate the layer to achieve the color variation of the marble while etc.
    Yes clouds and levels are the basis of both tutorials but even the use of those vary from tutorial to tutorial.

  6. Admin Says:

    nice tutorial, easy, simple techniques, good results.

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