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Stock photos are an essential part of web and graphic design. There are tons of stock photos agencies that offer high quality photos, however, the price is not always affordable especially when working on a tight budget or sometimes with no budget at all. The solution in this case is finding free stock photos something that isn’t always easy, in order to make this process easier I have compiled a list with sites that offer free stock photos. Enjoy

Finally don’t forget to visit
Yotophoto Free photos search engine
and Flickr (be sure to check the licence before using any of the photos).
If you know of any others stock photo resources reave a comment and I will add them to the list.

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75 Responses to “Free Stock Photos”

  1. annukka Says:

    Very nice, thanks a lot!

  2. Hagrin Says:

    Awesome resource thank you!

  3. Richard Davies Says:

    Great list! Here’s another one I don’t see on your list:

  4. Chad Bridwell Says: also offers many affordable and free stock photos. Membership is free.

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    […] ¡Accede al listado completo! […]

  6. d3v1l Says:


  7. Says:

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    […] Here is a list of sites that offer free stock photography. […]

  9. waleed Says:

    thnx alot dude ,,
    really great collection
    just add :
    which is the best i found in both quality & variaty ..

  10. Ingo Says:

    Here’s another one:

  11. Ronald Yau’s Blog » Blog Archive » Free Stock Photos Resources Says:

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  12. jersu Says:

    Here is more from the national park service:

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    […] via: […]

  15. jared Says:

    great list -

    this is one of my favs

  16. miscblogger Says:

    I love the stock xchange!

  17. marky Says:
    Not free, but the pictures are so cheap that it mights as well be free. If you’re a photographer you can sell your work there too.

  18. Dimitris Says:

    I have added a few more resources suggested, thanks everyone if you know any more keep them coming.

    @Everyone. Thanks for the nice comments and the suggestions.

    @Waleed. is already included in the list, thanks anyway for the suggestion.

    @Chad and Marky. Thanks for the suggestions of microstock sites but I wanted to include only completely free sites to the list. I may post about microstock sites in another post (I am a contributing photographer at most of them)

  19. Ed Ber Says:

    what about free stock video? anyone?

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  21. Steve Doria Says:

    Just a couple of days ago I was looking for some stock images. Although they were “royalty-free,” they were not free to acquire. Thanks a ton for this listing!

  22. Metah Says:

    Great list, thanks for sharing.

    Btw, happy new year ;)

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    […] Le blog de photoshop tutorials propose une longue liste de site propsants des Photos libres. Ce lien est déjà mis dans mes favoris! […]

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    […] A great post listing a ton of free photo resources. […]

  25. 2face-MazE Says:


  26. Michael Says:

    Thanks for compiling that list. I would like to share a link to my own stock-photography site: Get Pixel at

    Thank you and Happy New Year,


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  28. Ivan Minic Says:

    Fenomenal post!

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  30. deadhippo Says:

    Awesome list. I’m sure to make great use of this.

  31. zamuel Says:

    Very nice list… thanks =)

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    […] Bron: Photoshop Tutorials Blog […]

  33. xavier Says:

    Thanks for the great resource!

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    […] I’m always looking for great places to find free images on the Web, and so this list of free stock photos was a lifesaver. Includes about fifty different places you can go on the Web to get free, quality images that you can use in your blog or website without any royalties or strings attached. Free Stock Photos [via] This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 and is filed under Images, Freebies. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. […]

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  38. James Says:

    Geez..just exactly what i’m looking for..thank u!
    Here’s one I’ve found couple of days ago:

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    […] De Photoshop Tutorials Blog heeft alvast een lijstje klaargemaakt met alle sites waar je gratis stock foto’s kan zoeken. Waarvoor dank. […]

  40. petros Says:

    Nice photoblog archive!

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    […] I was doing my usual prowling around the web today and came across this list of stock image websites. Probably the largest list ive come across. Enjoy. « Downtime   […]

  43. Cheyne Says:

    Nice work. Blogged about this page over at

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    […] I found this listing of free photo sites here. I especially like a few of the texture links. […]

  45. Nizam Rahman Says:

    Great list. Thanks!

  46. guilty green Says:

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  52. Random Good Stuff Says:

    Free good images for your blog

    Presentation Zen has a list of free and almost free but good images. Free (but not bad)(1) Morgue File Providing …free image reference material for use in all creative pursuits.(2) Flickr’s Creative Commons pool Search the myriad photos people are

  53. Total Blogal Says:

    Gratis Fotos für Deinen Blog

    Presentation Zen hat eine Liste von Agenturen oder Seiten bei denen es gratis Fotos oder Bilder gegen eine geringe Gebühr gibt. Gratis (aber nicht schlecht)(1) Morgue File (2) Flickr’s Creative Commons pool (3) Image*After (4) Stock.xchng(5) Picture…

  54. mark Says:

    awesome list, thanks a lot! :)

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  57. Jonathan Says:

    Hi guys,

    I am a web designer, and I am looking for a big collection of quality stock photos and images (icons etc) to use in site design that is all on CD (multiple CDs hopefully)… any ideas?

  58. photodesign Says:

    Try Free Range Stock ( - and add it to your list!

    High-resolution stock photos, totally free, keyword searchable, and nice images.


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  60. Successful Blog Says:

    […] The first is Photoshop Tutorials Blog, and not just the blog, but the page with the listing that shows where you might find some smashing images to spice up your blog posts. To access the listing, click this logo […]

  61. SympleByte Says:

    8 mistakes when creating PowerPoint presentations

    I’ve just come back from a gruelling week of corporate meetings, a 5 day marathon of seemingly never ending PowerPoint presentations. As the person in charge of marketing and IT, part of my job is to be the contact point for all of the attendees, fol…

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  63. Francesco Says:

    > Ed Ber Says:
    > December 30th, 2005 at 6:17 pm
    > what about free stock video? anyone?

    Here it is…

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  66. Adam S Says:

  67. Neil cameron Says:

    Well, its a huge list but I guess we need to be in amongst them.

    We’re a small Australian stock photo company with images covering the whole continent coast to coast. Got cities, beaches, deserts, tropical forests, Aboriginal rock art, hillbilly hovels, funny stuff - the works.

    We just want the world to know that we exist.


    Neil Cameron

    Beaut Photos.

  68. Flo Feigenbutz Says:

    Very nice collection, thanks a lot!

    Here’s another (german) list -perhaps you’ll be able to find new sites?

  69. Gophoto Says:

    Another microstock photo library:

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  73. stock photography Says:

    Nice site.
    Check out this introduction article on Stock_photography:
    2.How it works
    3.Client/ buyer options
    4.Photographer options

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