Photoshop Brushes recources

Here are a few more free photoshop brushes resources.

In Obscuro: In obscuro offers 37 free photoshop brushes sets for download. All of these sets are licenced under a creative common licence. The brushes cover a wide range of topics from Egyptian hieroglyphs to pixel glitter which by the way is my favorite set of inobscuro’s brushes. Check them out and I am sure you will find quite a few sets that are going to like.

Fractured Sanity: Fractured sanity offers a total of 188 sets of photoshop brushes for download. Once you reach the brushes page you will be asked for a username and a password. Don’t let that put you off, just read the terms and you will find both the username and the password you need to use to reach the brushes. The brushes are divided in seven categories which are Swirly, VecTech, Grunge, Nature, On the Desk, Icons, and Other. Although, I haven’t tried them all from those that I have tried out my favorite has to be Vectoresque (It’s under the VecTech category).

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4 Responses to “Photoshop Brushes recources”

  1. Midnight Says:

    I am a she, not a he *laughs* that would be me - the webmistress of Fractured Sanity. But thanks a lot for mentioning me on your site. I appreciate the gesture.

    Yours, Midnight

  2. Dimitris Says:

    Oops, sorry about that :oops:
    By the way, I am the one that should thank you for the great brush sets you offer, great work.

  3. Linkorama » Pinceles gratuitos para Photoshop Says:

    […] Enlaces | Obscuro, Fractured Sanity Vía | Pstutorialblog […]

  4. Adsense Guide Says:

    Good recources thank you

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