Black and White Photos - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Watch and Learn Photoshop has released another one of their free Photoshop video tutorials. This tutorial describes some nice techniques that you can use to turn your photos to black and white using adjustment layers. These techniques work much better than just desaturating or turning your image to Grayscale mode and the final outcome is much more customizable.

Here is the description of the tutorial according to Watch and Learn Photoshop.

How many of you just convert your images from RGB to grayscale when you want to create a black and white image? How many of you turn to your Hue/Saturation adjustments and completely desaturate the image? Well, in this video, you’ll learn how to take control of your black and white images in a much more effective way.

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4 Responses to “Black and White Photos - Photoshop Video Tutorial”

  1. Adsense Guide Says:

    Good video thanks

  2. jc Says:

    really good article, an approach to BW that i hadn’t thought off

  3. ulyssesdude Says:

    This is cool. I gotta say what I learned from this way of converting using Lab Color and switching color profiling is just amazing tho. It’s about 2/3s through the episode.

    photoshop tv

  4. suresh Says:

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