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I was looking for a way to organize all the design resources that I have posted in past posts and the ones that I will post in the future. Wordpress, is a great blog platform but doesn’t really provide an easy way to do that with in an easily “navigatable” (is that a word?). Because of that I decided to add a directory. The directory is not ready yet, I just installed the script with a free template and created the basic categories. Until it is ready and populated with resources I am not going to add a link at this blog’s sidebar. However, if someone wants to add a few links he thinks are noteworthy or even a link to his site he can do that at , I will probably start populating the directory and see if I can create a custom template in a week or so. Photoshop Tutorials Blog Directory digg this reddit this Furl this +Spurl this

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  1. babycub1970 Says:

    The word you are looking for is ‘navigable’ LOL

  2. Phil Says:

    You could even do something like and then add the cloud of your tags to one of the margins of the site. I do that in my blog. While it’s not a list of titles, it is an interesting way of grouping things by 1-word descriptors. Just an idea.


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