Printer Icon Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial is going to show you how you can draw a printer that can be used as an icon like the one shown below. (Basic knowledge of the use of the pen tool is required)

Printer icon tutorial final result

Let’s start.
Set #96A4AF as foreground color, select the pen tool and draw a shape like the one shown in the screenshot.

Draw a shape

Select the Convert Point tool from the pen tools pallet. Click and drag the boxes to have a shape like shown in the figure

convert shape

Select the pen tool (choose the Paths option) and draw a shape like the one below.

paths option
Draw a shape

Once again select the Convert Point tool and convert the points like shown in the three screenshots below.

convert shape
convert shape
convert shape

Right click on the shape, select Make selection and set feather radius to 0.

Create a new layer by pressing sift+ctrl+n. Set # 8A949D as the foreground and # B1B7BE as the background color.
Select the gradient tool and fill the selection with a Foreground to background gradient. Finally add a drop shadow to the layer and place it near the first layer. You should have image like shown in the screenshot.

left side of layer

Select the pen tool again. Click on paths as we did previously and draw this shape.

draw a new shape

Convert the anchor points with the convert point tool to make it somewhat like in the screenshot below. Right click on the shape, select make selection, set feather to 0 and fill the selection with #9FABB7.

convert shape again

Control click on this layer to select it. Move the selection as shown in following screenshot

move selection downwards

After moving press ctrl+alt+shift and click on the layer at the layers palette, you should now have a selection like the one below.

move selection downwards

Fill the selection with #859094.

fill the selection with color

Repeat the previous two steps one more time but this time move the selection a bit lower and fill it with #2D3C43

move layer

Place this layer like shown in the screenshot.

move layer

Keep the same color as foreground. Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle.

draw a rectangle

Modify the upper anchor points like shown in the screenshot.

modify anchor points

Press Ctrl+T to free tranform this shape, rotate and resize it if necessery and place it below the main body of the printer.

tranfor the rectangle shape

Add a similar shape with the same color below the main body of the printer like shown below (again draw rectangle, free transform, rotate resize and move it at the desired place).

printer is now ready

Our printer is now ready, if you want you can add a photo and place it like shown below to add a finishing touch.

final result of printer icon photoshop tutorial

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