Grunge Text Photoshop Tutorial

With my last Photoshop Tutorial I showed you the technique I use to blend text on textured surfaces, using displacement maps. With this tutorial I am going to show you how you can create grungy text using displacement maps, an almost similar technique.

Let’s start by creating a displacement map. (You can skip these steps and use a grungy displacement map if you already have one)

1. Create a new document, for this tutorial I created a 640*480 pixels document, press D to reset the colors palette and go to Filter->Render->Clouds

grunge text photoshop tutorial clouds step

2. Now we are going to add some noise. Go to Filter-> Noise -> Add noise and use these settings

grunge text photoshop tutorial noise settings

3. Go to Filter-> Noise -> Median and use these settings.

grunge text photoshop tutorial median settings

4. Next we are going to sharpen a bit our displacement map. To do this we are going to apply the Unsharp Mask filter. Go to Filter-> Sharpen -> Unsharp Mask and use this settings.

grunge text photoshop tutorial unsharp mask settings

5. Finally, we are going to add some texture to our displacement map. To achieve this we are going to apply a lighting effect. Go to Filter -> Render -> Lighting Effects and use this settings.

grunge text photoshop tutorial lightning effects settings

Note that I have used a Texture Channel (you can see that at the bottom of the previous screenshot)
So here is our final Displacement map. (If you already have some grungy, textured displacement maps there is no need to create one using this technique you can use the ones you already have)

grunge text photoshop tutorial displacement map

Save it as a .psd file with a name that you will remember

6. Now create a new document and type your text. I typed Photoshop Grunge Type.

grunge text photoshop tutorial text

7. Right click on the text layer at the layers palette and select rasterize layer.

rasterize layer

8. Now Go to Filter-> Distort -> Displace

displace filter

and use these settings.

displacement filter settings

A window will come up in order to select the displacement map you are going to use, locate the one you just created and select it and press open.

And here is our final result

photoshop tutorial final result
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