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Photoshop Elements 5 Review

Sue Chastain, from Graphicsoft has posted a review of Photoshop Elements 5 for windows. To be honest I have been thinking of upgrading a rather ancient copy that I own (version 2 lol) and this review have convinced me to do so. As you probably figure the review is generally positive. You can read the […]

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Competition for the Best Stock Photo Of 2006

Not exactly related to Photoshop but I believe a lot of people might be interested in this Competition. Stockvault, one of the most well known sites offering free stock photos has launched a competition for the Best Stock Photo of 2006. Obviously this is a photography competition and the prize for the winner is 1000$. […]

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A look at

I have mentioned StockVault in an earlier post about sites that offer free stock photos. Now it’s time to take a closer look at this really useful site. Let’s start with the site’s aesthetics, since my lost post StockVault has gone through a major redesign. The new look of StockVault is really fresh and pleasant […]

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Photoshop Tutorials Blog Directory

I was looking for a way to organize all the design resources that I have posted in past posts and the ones that I will post in the future. WordPress, is a great blog platform but doesn’t really provide an easy way to do that with in an easily “navigatable” (is that a word?). Because […]

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Photoshop TV Episode 18

Photoshop Guys have released episode 18 of Photoshop TV. In this episode – Matt shows you a handy, automatic way to crop and rotate pictures from scanned photos, courtesy of the Photoshop CS2 Speed Clinic book. – Scott gives you the lowdown on adding a bit of ‘bling’ to your images using glints. – Dave […]

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