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Photoshop Video Tutorials

Here is another batch of free Photoshop video tutorials by WatchanLearnPhotoshop

Open Type Font Embellishments

Photoshop trainer Geoff Riggs shows you how to add embellishments and alter the appearance of specific letter pairings for open type fonts.

Tricky Selections

It’s not always easy to make complex selections in your Photoshop images, but in this tutorial, trainer Geoff Riggs will show you one very effective way to use the highlights in an image to make a selection in order to alter an image.

Cucoloris (“Cookie”) Effect

A cucoloris (or “cookie”) is a metal sheet with patterns cut out of it, intended to cast patterned shadows on the background (and often the subject) of a photograph. In this tutorial, trainer Geoff Riggs will show you how to achieve the same effect in Photoshop.

Dotted Lines

Photoshop doesn’t provide any quick means of creating dotted lines, but in this tutorial, Geoff Riggs will show you how to create your own customized dotted line quickly and easily, using the paintbrush tool.


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