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A Collection of the Best Photoshop Video Tutorials

There are many available Photoshop video tutorials over the Internet. The traditional step by step screen-shot type of tutorials works great. However, some people find it more convenient and effective to learn by watching videos. Thankfully, the abundance and popularity of video hosting sites such as YouTube, as well as the improvement of video capturing […]

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5 Amazing Photoshop Reflection Tutorials

Creating a reflection with Photoshop is not as difficult as you may think. Today’s roundup includes some great tutorials that will show you how you can create reflections for simple objects or design elements, as well as some more complicated ones. 5 Essential Photoshop Reflections A basic tutorial covering 5 different types of reflections. Photoshop […]

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Reducing Noise with Photoshop Has a nice article explaining three ways that you can use to reduce the noise from digital images. Anyone that has ever been involved with stock photography knows how hard this is. The main reason is that if you overdo it you introduce artifacts in the image which are even worse than noise imho. […]

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Printer Icon Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial is going to show you how you can draw a printer that can be used as an icon like the one shown below. (Basic knowledge of the use of the pen tool is required) Let’s start. Set #96A4AF as foreground color, select the pen tool and draw a shape like the one shown […]

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Logo Photoshop Tutorial

This is another simple logo tutorial where we are going to use mostly simple tools in order to create a logo like the one below. Create a new file, select the rectangle tool and draw a black rectangle. Now select the Convert Point tool and modify the upper left point of the rectangle like shown […]

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