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New Batch of Free Video Photoshop Tutorials

The guys from Watchandlearnphotoshop have been busy during January releasing free video tutorials. They have released a total of 6 video tutorials that you can watch below. Bicubic Sharper When resizing an image in Photoshop, if you use all the default settings, the image will end up with a little bit of a blur to […]

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Photoshop Video Tutorials

Here is another batch of free Photoshop video tutorials by WatchanLearnPhotoshop Open Type Font Embellishments Description: Photoshop trainer Geoff Riggs shows you how to add embellishments and alter the appearance of specific letter pairings for open type fonts. Tricky Selections Description: It’s not always easy to make complex selections in your Photoshop images, but in […]

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2 Free Video Tutorials

Another update with free video photoshop tutorials. These tutorials cover two totally different subjects. The first tutorial will show you how to fix the sky in photos and the second one how to warp text with smart objects. Both tutorials as always are courtesy of Watch and Learn Photoshop. Taming the Skies: Ever have one […]

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Glowing Lights Photoshop Tutorial

Watch and Learn Photoshop has released another excellent tutorial. This time the tutorial shows how you can make a light bulb look like it’s illuminated. An effect that is quite common in concept stock photography. I am sure everyone has seen pictures of business men holding a lit light bulb. This tutorial explains how you […]

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7 Photoshop Video Tips

Our friends over at Watch And Learn Photoshop are releasing a few new products and have also released not one, not two, not three but seven free photoshop video tutorials/tips. Here they are: Levels Adjustment You may already know the basics of the levels adjustment tool, but in this video, Geoff Riggs will show you […]

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