Seamless patterns

This tutorial is going to show you a way to create simple seamless patterns using adobe Photoshop. Seamless patterns are very useful as design elements and especially for web design.
Here is an example.

Let’s start.

1) Create a new document 200*200 pixels with a white background

2) Add two guides, one at 100 pixels horizontally and one at 100 pixels vertically.


3) Add a new layer (Ctrl-N) and draw or insert the shape from which you want to create the pattern. For this tutorial I am going to use this Shield shape.

Shield shape

4) Duplicate the layer (Ctrl-J) and go to “Filter” -> “Other” -> “Offset” and use these settings

Offset settings

5) Flatten the image (You can colorise it if you like) and go to “Edit” -> Define Pattern. Give your pattern a name, hit OK and you are all done.

Here is my final result.
Final result

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