Christmas tree Photoshop tutorial

With this tutorial I am going to show you a way to draw a vey simple Christmas tree.

1. Start by creating a new document. Select the “Rectangle Tool” set the color to green and draw a square. (Hold Shift while you draw your square)

Photoshop rectangle tool

You should now have a square like this.
Photoshop rectangle tutorial preview

2. Press Ctrl+T and rotate the square 45 degrees (Alternatively you can go to Edit->Transform->Rotate)

Photoshop rotate settings

3. Now get the Delete Anchor Point Tool

Photoshop delete anchor point tool

and delete the anchor point that is circled in the next screenshot

Photoshop anchor point for deletion

4. You should now have a triangle.

Photoshop tutorial triangle

Duplicate this Photoshop layer two times (Ctrl+J)

5. Now we are going to resize the two layer copies. First resize copy number one to 85% of the original size
Resize photoshop layer to 85%
and copy number two to 70% of the original size
Resize photoshop layer to 70%

6. Get the move tool and move the two layer copies like shown below
move photoshop layers

7. Now we are going to apply some layer styles. Apply these styles to all the layers.

stroke settings
gradient overlay settings
pattern overlay settings

Here is what we get
Photoshop tutorial is almost done

8. We are almost done. Now we are going to add a few details get the Rectangle Tool and add the tree’s base
tree base

Pick a round hard brush and add a few christmas balls, you can also add a star on top of the tree or presents below it etc.

Here is my final result
Photoshop Tutorial Final Result

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