Clean header Photoshop Tutorial

With this tutorial I am going to show you how to make this simple header.

Click for full size image

1. Start by creating a new document with the setting shown below. (of course you can use a different size if you wish)

Create a new document in photoshop

2. Go to View -> New Guide and create a horizontal guide at 160 pixels.

new horizontal guide

3. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool and make a selection from the top of the document until the guide like in the screenshot below.

rectangular selection

4. Set your foreground color to red and the background color to orange.
foreground and background colors

5. Select the Gradient tool and apply a linear gradient (foreground to background) to your selection. You should get something like this.

applying gradient result

6. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool again but this time apply these settings.
rectangular marquee tool settings

7. Make a selection just below the guide and the gradient.

selection below the gradient

8. Create a new layer, (Layer -> New -> Layer) name it black stripe and fill the selection with black. Then Create another two new layers and fill the one with a dark grey and the other one with a light grey (name them grey stripe and light grey stripe respectively). Your layers palette should now look like this.

photoshop layers palette

9. Move the “grey stripe” layer below the “black stripe” layer and the “light grey stripe” below both of them. The result should be like the screenshot below.

moving layers result

10. Duplicate the “black stripe” layer (Layer->Duplicate Layer) and move it at the bottom of the document.

web design tutorial step 10

11. Now merge the four stripes layers. Pick the Magic Wand tool and click on the space between the three stripes and the black stripe layer at the bottom. You should get a selection like the one below.

Magic wand selection

12. Fill that selection with a linear gradient (grey to white)

applying gradient result

13. Now select the text tool and add your desired links names to the navigation bar (I used the Tahoma font).

navigation bar text links

14. Select the line tool
photoshop line tool
set the color to black and draw a black line between the first and the second link.

drawing a black line

15. Duplicate the black line layer and set the line’s color to white. You can do that by applying a color overlay style to the layer or by changing the color of the layer by double clicking on it. Now move the white line layer one pixel to the right.

creating a white line

16. Repeat this step for all the spaces between the links.

repeating step 15 of the web design photoshop tutorial

17. Now copy your logo to the header. For this tutorial I used a quick logo I just made. The logo was black and I reduced it’s opacity to 50% in order to blend better with the header colors.

adding a logo to the header

18. Add your text with your desired font. (I also reduced the opacity of the text layer to 50%)

adding text to the header

19. We are almost done, we just need to do one more thing. Create a new layer (Layer->New->Layer), set the foreground color to white and select the gradient tool. We are going to apply a white to transparent gradient to our header.
Apply these settings for the gradient.
white gradient settings

20. Now draw a linear gradient with the settings shown above from the top up to about the middle of our document.

And here is our final result scaled down.
final result of web design photoshop tutorial

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