Flaming Pear free Photoshop Plugins

Flaming pear is the maker of a number of quality commercial Photoshop Plugins. However, besides their commercial plugins (like Super Blade pro) they have developed a few photoshop plugins that they offer for free. These plugins include.

    Tachyon (a plugin I use quite a lot for image retouching, I will make a tutorial soon about how I use it)
    Demitone 25 and 50
    Swap Red and Blue and Swap Red and Green and Swap Green and Blue
    Grey from Red and Grey from Blue and Grey from Green
    Sphere warp A and B
    RGB to HSL and HSL to RGB
    RGB to LAB and LAB to RGB
    Kyoto Color
    and a few more

You can download the plugins from Flaming Pear’s download page (you have to scroll down towards the end of the page)

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