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Stock photos are essential for any type of design. Up until now quality stock photos used to cost several hundred dollars, however a new trend in the stock photo industry changed all that.

Several sites started offering high quality stock photos for as low as a buck. The photos at those sites come from contributing photographer all over the world. Anyone with a decent camera can contribute photos and then receive a percentage of the fee each time one of his photos gets downloaded. If you are worried about the quality of the photos submitted by the average Joe, you should keep in mind that each photo goes through a strict review process by human reviewers before being included at those image libraries. The term used to describe these sites is microstock.

In addition to that there are several sites that are offering stock photos for free, the photo quality at those sites is not as high as at the paying sites but with a little patience you will probably discover some hidden gems.

Below I have compiled a list of all the microstock sites I know. I have divided the list to “Recommended microstock sites� and “Other microstock sites�. The recommended are the ones that I personally like and use both for purchasing images and for selling photos. (Note: I have included my referral link for some of the sites)

Recommended Microstock Sites

Very cheap (just 1$ for large resolution images) and surprisingly high quality photos. Their library holds 175.000 photos.

The pioneer of the microstock sites. Extremely high quality of imagery and a huge selection of over half a million images. Their library also includes vector and flash files.

A new European microstock site that in my opinion has a lot of potential.

A subscription based site. You can get 750 images for 139$

Other Microstock Sites

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