Circles Background

Let’s start with a very simple tutorial that will demonstrate how you can make a simple retro looking circles background in a few easy steps.

1. Create a new file (for this tutorial I used 2000*2000)

2. Hit D to reset the colors palette

3. Go to filter -> Render -> Clouds

4. Go to filter -> Render -> Difference Clouds

You should now have something like this
circles background photoshop tutorial render clouds

5. Go to Filter -> Pixelate -> Color halftone (I used a maximum radiance of 100 and for the rest I left the default values)

6. Repeat the last step 2-3 times (hit Ctrl-F) until you get something like this

Color halftone results

7. Go to Image-> Adjustments -> Gradient map and choose a gradient that you like
In this case I used this gradient


And here is my final result

Final Result

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