Funky Text Effect

This tutorial will show you how to create a text style like this one, using Adobe Photoshop.

Final results preview

Let’s start by creating a new document (size doesn’t really matter). Select the Text tool and choose a font and a color (I chose orange) for your text. Now type your text but between each letter enter a space. For example for this tutorial I typed C “space” O “space” O “space” L “space” “space” T “space” E “space” X “space” T

example text

Hit Ctrl-J twice two duplicate your text layer two times. Now you shouls have three copies of the text layer.
Select the middle one and apply a stroke. In this case I used a 3pixels stroke but that depends on the size of the text and your own preference.

middle layer stroke

Select the bottom text layer, apply a stroke of a different color and make sure that the size of the stroke is bigger than that of the middle layer

bottom layer stroke

You should now have something like that

double stroked text

Now merge the three text layers.

Select the move tool move tool and hit Alt-Up arrow about ten times. The text layer will be duplicated and moved one pixel up each time you hit the Alt-Up combination.

Make the top layer invisible

top layer invisible

and go to Layers -> Merge Visible Layers

Then apply a gradient overlay style on the merged layers

gradient overlay settings

Finally flatten the image and you should have something like the image posted on top of the post

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