Web Layout

With this tutorial I am going to show you how to design a simple web layout using Photoshop like the one bellow.

final result of web design tutorial

1. Let’s start by creating a new document. I created a document with a size of 1024*768.

create new document

2. Now fill the background with a dull color. I used #545964

3. The next step is to select the Rounded Rectangle Tool rounded rectangle tool and set the Radius to 40 pixels in order to draw the main body of our layout. (I like rounded corners and that is the reason I am using the Rounded Rectangle Tool, you can also use the Rectangle tool if you like). Draw a white rounded rectangle that is 700 pixels wide and has a height of 600 pixels. You can specify the width and height under the Rounded Rectangle Options

specify size

Place the Rounded Rectangle in the middle of your document and you should now have something like this.

main layout body

Now we are going to add a reflection to the rounded Rectangle that is so Web2.
4. Duplicate the Rounded Rectangle layer by pressing Ctrl+J (or Layer->Duplicate Layer)

5. Select the move tool move tool and drag the duplicate layer below the original

move duplicate layer below the original

7. Select the duplicate layer and add a Mask by clicking at this icon mask button at the bottom of the Layers Palette.

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  1. Pepper Says:

    hey, nice tutorial! You should come submit some of your tuts to our tutorial search engine!

  2. Sev Says:

    Do it, or Pepper will end up ripping them like the ripper he is…

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