Top 10 Photoshop Tutorials of 2005

Since we are moving towards 2006 I thought of compiling a list with the best tutorials (imho) of 2005. Of course I haven’t read all of the tutorials written this year, but believe me I have read a large percentage of them. So here we go in no particular order.

3d lava thumb
3D Lava Text from Tutorialwiz. Category: Text effects
An amazing effect of text emerging from a blazing lava inferno!

expanding header thumb
Expanding Header from Swedesignz. Category: Web graphics
Learn how to create a header that auto stretches to the browser’s width.

advanced overlay photoshop tutorial
Advanced Pattern Overlay from PixelAddiction. Category: Photo Editing.
Learn how to replicate this awesome technique.

blog design thumb
Blog Design from PhotoshopSupport.
Category: Web design
Excellent tips for blog design.

photo restoration thumb
Photo restoration from PictureCorrect. Category: Photo retouching
A nice tutorial that is going to help you learn how to restore old photos.

colorizing photoshop tutorial thumb
Color Black & White images in Photoshop from 7Designs. Category: Photo Editing
A nice tutorial that is going to show you How to Color Black & White images in Photoshop.

the wave
The Wave from R-Klein-Webdesign. Category: Drawing
Learn how to create this awesome effect!

hosting layout tutorial thumb
Hosting Layout from Zymic. Category: Web Layouts.
Massive tutorial that will show you how to create a web hosting layout!

anime eyes tutorial thumb
Anime eyes drawing from Biorust. Category: Drawing
Great tutorial that will help you learn how to draw anime eyes.

zoom animation thumb
Animated Background Zoom from Kazaru. Category Animation.
Learn how to create an animated background zoom effect with this tutorial!

That’s all, just keep in mind that this is just a subjective list.

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