Grid Background and Grunge Borders Tutorials

I suppose the title speaks for itself. These are two new free video Photoshop tutorials that aim to show to you how you can create a tiled Grid Background and Grunge Borders. These video tutorials are offered once again from Watch and Learn Photoshop. The first one shows a really easy way to create different kind of Grids by using custom patterns. The tutorial shows two examples but by using different layer styles ad applying the same principles you can create a large variation of grid backgrounds.

In today’s video tutorial, Geoff will show you how to create and define a custom pattern in Photoshop and then use that pattern to create a grid background for your Photoshop file.

Grid Background video

The second tutorial explains how you can use the quick mask mode and filters in Photoshop to add a grunge border to a photo. This technique is really popular and helps you create stylish versions of your photos (always work on duplicates of your photos). Again it’s a really nice technique and with a bit of experimentation with different filters you will be able to create unique grunge borders.

In today’s Photoshop tutorial, Geoff will teach you how to create a very easy, but very effective, white grunge border around your photographs.

Grunge Borders Video Tutorial

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