Photoshop Actions as a learning tool

Photoshop actions are great time savers, they can help you automate repetitive tasks and batch process images. However, actions can be used as a learning tool as well. If you have found an action that produces a result you like and you are wondering about the technique used, there is a simple way of finding out the details of all the steps involved.

Photoshop actions are text files and as a result they can be saved as text files. The process of saving an action as a text file is quite simple, hold down the Ctrl+Alt keys (Command+Option for Mac) , go to the actions menu by clicking on the little arrow at the top right corner of the actions palette and select save actions. A window will come up asking you to give the text file a name, name it something you will remember and save it. Now you practically have a tutorial of how to reproduce the effect the action produces. No screenshots of course :) .

Just one thing to keep in mind is that the text file will contain all the actions that are loaded in the actions palette. So, it is better to have only the action (or actions) that you are interested in, loaded in your actions palette.

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