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Posterizing Images Video Tutorial

I guess we are on a roll posting about the latest free video tutorials from Watcandlearnphotoshop. Free however is nice . Their latest free video tutorial show how to posterize an image using Photoshop, a simple but nice tutorial that basically explains how the Poster Edges filter works. Turning your images into illustrations isn’t as [...]

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Adding Smoke to an Image – Photoshop Video Tutorial

Another one of the excellent free video tutorials from Watchandlearnphotoshop has been released. This tutorial explains how you can add smoke to an image, as the title clearly suggests. Want to make your motorcycle photo gallery a little more exciting by adding a little smoke to your pictures? In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how [...]

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Making a Vignette Video Tutorial

Another free photoshop video tutorial has been released by Watch And Learn Photoshop. This tutorial explains how you can create a vignette. Today’s video is a relatively simple tip on two different ways to create a vignette for your photographs. A vignette is basically a soft-edged border around a photograph. Enjoy! Watch the tutorial

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Video Tutorials

This time WatchAndLearnPhotoshophas released not one but two free photoshop video tutorials. The first tutorial teaches you how to create text that follows a path, a feature that if I remember correctly was first introduced with Photoshop CS and is a very useful feature and technique especially for creating logos (Yes I know it’s better [...]

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Using Layer Masks Tutorial

WatchandLearnPhotoshop has released another one of their free video tutorials. With this tutorial they explain the use of Layer Masks, a Photoshop feature that very useful but is often overlooked by a lot of Photoshop users. Here is the description from WatchandLearnPhotoshop A layer mask in Photoshop is basically a way of hiding and revealing [...]

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