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Quick Text Transformation

Here is quick tip for quickly transforming your text layers. Start typing your text. As an example I just typed Text

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Create layers from Layer Styles

The people over at CreativeBits have posted an extremely useful Photoshop tip. They explain how you can create layers from layer styles. This technique allows you to modify layer styles in ways that are not available in the Layer Styles menu, like for example applying a filter only to the layer style and not your [...]

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Photoshop Actions as a learning tool

Photoshop actions are great time savers, they can help you automate repetitive tasks and batch process images. However, actions can be used as a learning tool as well. If you have found an action that produces a result you like and you are wondering about the technique used, there is a simple way of finding [...]

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Photoshop Shortcuts

When I work with Photoshop, I usually use shortcuts. Shortcuts can help you improve your efficiency with Photoshop and speed up your work. I was planning to post a list of the Photoshop shortcuts that I consider the most useful. However, I found out that the team at GFX^TM have compiled complete lists of Adobe [...]

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Pixel Patterns

This tutorial is going to show you how to create pixel patterns that are very popular design elements for web design and especially for web backgrounds. I will give you five examples that are meant to serve as a guide in order to understand the basics of pixel pattern creation.

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